Provision Wall

LIFE stands for ‘Lived Insights from Experience’ and is an independent lived experience network.

Our definition of multiple complex needs (and ‘lived experience’ within that context) are those who have a personal understanding and direct experience of a combination of the following:

  • homelessness
  • experience of the criminal justice system
  • problematic substance or alcohol addiction
  • mental ill-health

These issues not only impact the lives of those experiencing them, but those with multiple complex needs also find it more difficult to engage with services due to a total lack of systemic flex. We, as a society, rely on services, which should understand the breadth of the challenges being faced by individuals, and should offer co-ordinated support.

It’s just not right that this failure to respond appropriately to need, leads people into further social exclusion and locked-out of services. Many people end up falling through the cracks or find their experience with services deepens their problems.